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Traveling Safely Abroad

The world is filled with fascinating beauty, and traveling abroad gives me an opportunity to enjoy what the Mother Nature, and man has to offer. When I first got a chance to travel abroad, joy clouded my mind, and I could not wait to board that plane. I had two months to process my visa and get myself ready.

Unbelievable as it may sound, I never enjoyed the trip. In fact, it was my worst experience ever. Everything bad that happened to me was because I never prepared appropriately for the trip. I thought that countries abroad were havens. But that turned out not to be the case. Today, however, I have always enjoyed traveling abroad because I know better what to do before and during the journey, and how to stay safe when in a foreign land.

After learning the hard way, I now know all the safety precautions that I must always employ to ensure that my trip remains enjoyable. Here are some of the safety tips connected to my first traveling experience.

I don’t carry anything in my back pocket

While picking pockets is common where I come from, I never knew it is also common abroad. When I had already checked in a hotel room, I took my wallet and put it in my back pocket before leaving for sight seeing. I later realized that my wallet was already gone. Someone had taken advantage of my ignorance. Since then, I have learned not to keep anything on my back. Otherwise, I would become an easy target.

I don’t carry all my things together

Even though it is more convenient to keep my credit cards, cash, traveler’s check and my identification cards in my wallet, I never do it whenever I am abroad. Back to my first experience abroad, I had kept my hotel room keys, cash, credit card and many other documents in my wallet, which I carelessly put in my back pocket.

When my wallet was gone, I lost all these things. Nowadays, I leave whatever I will not need in my hotel room, and carry what I will need in different pockets. In this way, l don’t lose everything in the event that I have lost anything.

I do make and store electronic copies of my documents

When traveling abroad, I have to bring with me very important documents including the ones I had lost during my first travel. To be safe, I simply create electronic copies of my documents as a backup and send them to my email so that in the event that I lose any, I simply access them using my smartphone.

Some of the documents I store electronically before I travel include my immunization records, passport, travel insurance, itinerary, medical insurance, plane tickets and visa. If only I knew this traveling safety tip during my first travel, I could not have struggled the way I did after losing all these documents in my wallet.  

I avoid talking to strangers

Of course, talking to natives in a foreign land is one of the things that make traveling abroad enjoyable. However, I like sticking to the people whom I have been assigned to guide me. Even if I have to talk to strangers, I have learned not to be too trusting. I tend to think that the strangers I trusted during my first travel abroad are the ones who stole my wallet.

To Dive or Not to Dive and What To Bring

When I was a young girl, I was so passionate about various outdoor sports. However, diving was not one of the sports that crossed my mind. Most of my friends loved diving, and most of them were determined to sharpen their skills until they become champions in scuba diving. I spent most of my time around them, and most of our conversations were about diving.

As time went by, I started developing an interest in diving. But then I thought that breathing underwater would be intimidating. After all, I am a land creature. The thought of whether I should venture into diving never left my mind. Instead, it only grew stronger.

I later learned that scuba diving is one of the safest sports for anyone irrespective of their abilities, age and size. There is very strict safety equipment and training regulations that ensure learners and participants stay safe at all time. Therefore, I decided to venture into diving and even enrolled in a scuba diving school.

Before I attempted my first dive, I learned basic skills and helpful techniques, and I only went underwater for the first time when my guide was satisfied that I was ready. Since then, I have continued to sharpen my skills, and I have traveled to few places to dive and compete with other divers. Even though I have done some diving, I believe I have not done a lot. My plan now is to really push myself to get more familiar with the activity so that I can see more of the world.

Reviews of the best scuba diving gears

Now that I have received my diving certification, and I have done some diving, it is now very important for me to equip myself with the best scuba diving gear for me to be able to learn more, gain more experience, and eventually become one of the greatest divers around.

With great diving gear, I believe I will enjoy my diving experience even better irrespective of my location, or the general underwater condition.

I have done a thorough research and consulted my trainer and friends, and the following scuba diving gears are among the ones they have recommended for me. Actually, they are the ones I am planning to take on my first diving adventure.

Cressi R1 BCD Scuba Diving Package

I have already bought this scuba diving gear package, and I am happy that it fits me perfectly and I feel very comfortable in it. The integrated weights ensure maximum comfort, and I like the fact that packing this BCD is very easy. With this scuba diving gear package, I don’t have to put on a weight belt because its integrated weight system allows me to put my weight in the detachable pockets on the BCD.

The dive computer and regulators are light in weight and extremely easy to use. The regulators are perfect, are low profile and breathe easy. Because they are low profile, they allow for better visibility because when I look down out of my mask, my view is not blocked.

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Easy to use


Zippers seem a bit difficult to open underwater because I have to open it from the back.

Seac Ego BCD Scuba Gear

Designed with beginners in mind, Seac Ego BCD Scuba Gear is ruggedly built and it provides all the basics I need at a very reasonable price. It features inner bladder that is made of soft PU-coated nylon 840D, and therefore, it breathes easy.

The membrane block protection system comes in handy as it guarantees optimal stability and functioning during every phase. This gear is ergonomically designed, and it is nitrox compatibility of up to 40 percent, which is actually the limits of nitrox as far as recreationally is concerned.

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This scuba diving gear package also features uneven power inflator fitted with easy-to-use sphere control system, which allows perfect management of any increased dumping flows and loading.

Two enormous zipped pockets are designed to allow for easy access underwater. It includes Diver Adjustment venturi, which ensures that there is no undesirable free flow during diving.


Fits perfectly


Easy to maintain

It is ergonomically designed


Heavier than most other scuba diving gears

Places You Simply MUST See

Traveling is my passion, and that is why I consider myself a world citizen. No boundaries can contain my free spirit! Even though there is a limit to what I might be able to do with my life, I am still hopeful that I will be able to visit all the beautiful places in this world, or at least the ones I have on my list. So far, I have managed to visit a number of the most beautiful places on

my bucket list, and I am still counting.

Some of the awesome places I have seen

Here is the list containing some of the places I have traveled to. I found it very painful to leave each of them when my time was up.

Li River in China

I visited Li River in August when the sky was clear.  I took a cruise from Guilin through Zhujiang to Yangshuo. I also explored the river by many other means but cruising was the best way. Among the stunning things, I saw include striking bamboo groves, spectacular karst hills, and beautiful villages. Looking down at the river itself, I saw its bottom and the rocky shoals.

Petra in Jordan

I have been to many beautiful places in Jordan but I have never been to Petra, which is an ancient rocky city that was originally carved from sandstone, can you believe that! Entering through the famous Siq (the darkest walkway you will ever find) is not only a dramatic but also an atmospheric introduction to what I would call the greatest ancient city.

Monument Valley in USA

I used to hear good stories about this amazing valley in the United States, but when I finally visited the place, I realized that it was more stunning than I expected. It is a glaring beauty located in Navajo county. I guess I will find time to visit again.

Moraine Lake in Canada

After seeing this alluring blue hue fed by the glacial waters, I still could not believe the beauty and everything I saw. The color of the waters was the most amazing of all the watercolors I have ever seen. What makes this lake even more stunning is that amazing waterfalls, rock piles and mountains surround it. Wonderful flora and fauna make it worth to bring your diving gear.

And here are a few places I am planning to visit

Even though I still have a long list of the places I am planning to visit, here are the ones on top of that list:

Giza Pyramids in Egypt

These pyramids are in the list of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. According to the information I have, millions of tourists visit these pyramids every year. I really want to go there and see what it has to offer. This face of one of the grandest Ancient Civilizations ever to grace the world is actually my next destination.

Venice in Italy

I am planning to visit Venice and go straight to the Venice harbor so that I can join other tourists and locals in swimming and lazing on one of the greatest beaches in the world. I am looking forward to touring all the ancient palaces and have the greatest time of my life ever.

Bagan in Myanmar

I am planning to travel to this amazing place before the end of this year. I cannot wait to explore the famous landscape of Bagan and ancient temples. I know it is a home to hundreds of stupas and thousands of pagodas.