Places You Simply MUST See

Traveling is my passion, and that is why I consider myself a world citizen. No boundaries can contain my free spirit! Even though there is a limit to what I might be able to do with my life, I am still hopeful that I will be able to visit all the beautiful places in this world, or at least the ones I have on my list. So far, I have managed to visit a number of the most beautiful places on

my bucket list, and I am still counting.

Some of the awesome places I have seen

Here is the list containing some of the places I have traveled to. I found it very painful to leave each of them when my time was up.

Li River in China

I visited Li River in August when the sky was clear.  I took a cruise from Guilin through Zhujiang to Yangshuo. I also explored the river by many other means but cruising was the best way. Among the stunning things, I saw include striking bamboo groves, spectacular karst hills, and beautiful villages. Looking down at the river itself, I saw its bottom and the rocky shoals.

Petra in Jordan

I have been to many beautiful places in Jordan but I have never been to Petra, which is an ancient rocky city that was originally carved from sandstone, can you believe that! Entering through the famous Siq (the darkest walkway you will ever find) is not only a dramatic but also an atmospheric introduction to what I would call the greatest ancient city.

Monument Valley in USA

I used to hear good stories about this amazing valley in the United States, but when I finally visited the place, I realized that it was more stunning than I expected. It is a glaring beauty located in Navajo county. I guess I will find time to visit again.

Moraine Lake in Canada

After seeing this alluring blue hue fed by the glacial waters, I still could not believe the beauty and everything I saw. The color of the waters was the most amazing of all the watercolors I have ever seen. What makes this lake even more stunning is that amazing waterfalls, rock piles and mountains surround it. Wonderful flora and fauna make it worth to bring your diving gear.

And here are a few places I am planning to visit

Even though I still have a long list of the places I am planning to visit, here are the ones on top of that list:

Giza Pyramids in Egypt

These pyramids are in the list of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. According to the information I have, millions of tourists visit these pyramids every year. I really want to go there and see what it has to offer. This face of one of the grandest Ancient Civilizations ever to grace the world is actually my next destination.

Venice in Italy

I am planning to visit Venice and go straight to the Venice harbor so that I can join other tourists and locals in swimming and lazing on one of the greatest beaches in the world. I am looking forward to touring all the ancient palaces and have the greatest time of my life ever.

Bagan in Myanmar

I am planning to travel to this amazing place before the end of this year. I cannot wait to explore the famous landscape of Bagan and ancient temples. I know it is a home to hundreds of stupas and thousands of pagodas.