Traveling Safely Abroad

The world is filled with fascinating beauty, and traveling abroad gives me an opportunity to enjoy what the Mother Nature, and man has to offer. When I first got a chance to travel abroad, joy clouded my mind, and I could not wait to board that plane. I had two months to process my visa and get myself ready.

Unbelievable as it may sound, I never enjoyed the trip. In fact, it was my worst experience ever. Everything bad that happened to me was because I never prepared appropriately for the trip. I thought that countries abroad were havens. But that turned out not to be the case. Today, however, I have always enjoyed traveling abroad because I know better what to do before and during the journey, and how to stay safe when in a foreign land.

After learning the hard way, I now know all the safety precautions that I must always employ to ensure that my trip remains enjoyable. Here are some of the safety tips connected to my first traveling experience.

I don’t carry anything in my back pocket

While picking pockets is common where I come from, I never knew it is also common abroad. When I had already checked in a hotel room, I took my wallet and put it in my back pocket before leaving for sight seeing. I later realized that my wallet was already gone. Someone had taken advantage of my ignorance. Since then, I have learned not to keep anything on my back. Otherwise, I would become an easy target.

I don’t carry all my things together

Even though it is more convenient to keep my credit cards, cash, traveler’s check and my identification cards in my wallet, I never do it whenever I am abroad. Back to my first experience abroad, I had kept my hotel room keys, cash, credit card and many other documents in my wallet, which I carelessly put in my back pocket.

When my wallet was gone, I lost all these things. Nowadays, I leave whatever I will not need in my hotel room, and carry what I will need in different pockets. In this way, l don’t lose everything in the event that I have lost anything.

I do make and store electronic copies of my documents

When traveling abroad, I have to bring with me very important documents including the ones I had lost during my first travel. To be safe, I simply create electronic copies of my documents as a backup and send them to my email so that in the event that I lose any, I simply access them using my smartphone.

Some of the documents I store electronically before I travel include my immunization records, passport, travel insurance, itinerary, medical insurance, plane tickets and visa. If only I knew this traveling safety tip during my first travel, I could not have struggled the way I did after losing all these documents in my wallet.  

I avoid talking to strangers

Of course, talking to natives in a foreign land is one of the things that make traveling abroad enjoyable. However, I like sticking to the people whom I have been assigned to guide me. Even if I have to talk to strangers, I have learned not to be too trusting. I tend to think that the strangers I trusted during my first travel abroad are the ones who stole my wallet.